Harrisburg Area Window Restoration


Moisture in your windows?

Don't replace...restore! Most  homeowners believe the only way to restore their view from the moisture  between the panes of glass in their windows is to replace either the  glass or the entire window. Traditionally, that has been the case which  is unfortunate because it is costly to both the homeowner and the  environment.

NOT ANYMORE! With today's venting  technologies coupled with specialized cleaning methods, we can, in many  cases, vent and restore your view back to virtually new. By venting the  window, we stop the destructive seal cycle and allow the window to  "cure" and equalize pressure. We can check each window to determine all we can possibly do for you with our "Whole Home Window Assessment" free of charge. 


Window restoration is a great alternative to total replacement.  Sometimes all you need is the view restored from the window  condensation. The average glass unit lasts 12 years. The hardware on the  window may have a lifespan of double that time. Why feed the landfill  and pay for more than you may need?





Let us show you what no other company can with our Free Whole Home Window Assessment.  Get Clear Windows serves
​the ​Greater Harrisburg area with window repair and window replacement services.