Get Clear Windows Environmentally Focused

Get Clear Windows window is an environmentally focused window company  serving the Harrisburg, PA area. We offer a full line of window repair  and window restoration services to help reduce the amount of waste  produced by full window replacement.


  • Glass  NEVER decomposes. It is made of molten sand. Lava glass found in nature  can be dated back to the beginning of the earth....and it is STILL  glass!
  • Over 70% of PVC is used in construction. It is a  derivative of salt and hydrocarbons (coming from either natural gas or  crude oil). Today, vinyl windows account for 60% of all conventional  windows sold in the US.
  • Mining and transporting raw materials for glass produces about 385 pounds of waste for every ton of glass that is made.
  • By  2008, glass restoration companies saved over 250,000 windows and kept  about 3,000 tons of glass out of the landfills. Manufacturing and  installing new windows and glass for these 250,000 windows would have  produced 5,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases.

Get  Clear Windows can repair your windows at a fraction of the replacement  cost while supporting conservation efforts by not adding to landfills  with replaced windows.

"We are not going to be able to  operate our Spaceship Earth successfully nor for much longer unless we  see it as a whole spaceship and our fate as common. It has to be  everybody or nobody."

- Buckminster Fuller