Get Clear Windows Window Company About Us

Dino Tozzi, ​Get Clear Windows, Owner

Dino Tozzi has been a quality centered  small business owner for over twenty years. He has a passion for finding  alternatives and uncovering better ways of doing things. His window  company, Get Clear Windows,LLC, is one of the first and few in the  country to specialize in "all things window". Serving the Harrisburg and  Camp Hill PA area with window replacement and window restoration, they  will give you a whole home assessment regarding ALL of your options for  window needs. Not just sell you all new windows which you may or may not  need.

Whether you are interested in glass restoration to  clear up the panes or how to get R-5 windows for maximum insulation  value, or anything in between, you will find Dino to be passionate in  sharing with you how you can strike the balance between your needs and  your budget.